The Himalayans

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The Himalayans
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Rock, alternative rock, pop rock, indie pop
Years active 1990-1991
Labels Tyrannosaurus Records
Associated acts Sordid Humor, Counting Crows, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Past members Adam Duritz
Dave Janusko
Dan Jewett
Marty Jones
Chris Roldan

The Himalayans were an American rock band active between 1990 and 1991. They are best known for starting the careers of two musicians, Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows and Dave Janusko, a successful musician and songwriter.


The Himalayans formed in 1990 consisting of members Adam Duritz (lead vocals), Dave Janusko (guitar, bass), Dan Jewett (guitar), Marty Jones (bass), Chris Roldan (drums). Duritz and Jones had previously worked together when they recorded on tracks that appeared on the Sordid Humor album Light Music for Dying People. The band recorded an albums worth of material, some of the tracks on that album were produced by future Counting Crows guitarist David Bryson.[1] During this time Duritz and Bryson were performing as an acoustic duo at open mic nights and calling themselves the Counting Crows prior to the formation of the full band.[2]

Although the recorded album was never released while the Himalayans were an active band it was released in 2002 by Duritz's Tyrannosaurus Records label. A remastered version of the album was released in 2007. The album, She Likes the Weather, contains a mixture of original Himalayans songs recorded in the studio, snippets from radio interviews with the members and one live track. One of the original songs is an early version of "Round Here" which was made famous by the Counting Crows on their debut release August and Everything After.[3]

Following the band's breakup in 1991 Adam Duritz went on to form the Counting Crows with Himalayans producer David Bryson.[2] Dave Janusko went onto a successful career as a musician and songwriter. He was a member of the band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult under his stage name, Davey Dasher.[4] Marty Jones was the main subject of the Counting Crows song "Mr. Jones."[5]


  • Adam Duritz - lead vocals
  • Dave Janusko - guitar, bass
  • Dan Jewett - guitar
  • Marty Jones - bass
  • Chris Roldan - drums


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