The House of the Sun (film)

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The House of the Sun (Russian: Дом Cолнца, translit. Dom Solntsa) is a 2010 Russian movie about hippies in the Soviet Union. The director is rock musician Garik Sukachov[1][2].


The USSR of the early 1970s. Sasha, Daughter of CPSU dignitary, after successful graduation of high school passes exams in medical institute and accidentally meets Gerda and her hippie friends. She soon falls in love with leader of a community nicknamed Sun. Her new friends are the blacksmith nicknamed Maloy, the Chilean revolutionary Juan, the long-haired man nicknamed Skeleton, the talented artist nicknamed Korean.

Sasha's father, as a reward for entering the institute, gives Sasha a ticket to rest in Bulgaria, but Sasha on the way to the airport stops the bus and with the company of hippies goes to the Crimea to the sea. Sasha learns to drink wine from the bottle and suffers from the strangeness of the Sun, which is constantly disappearing somewhere. In the South, hippies stop in a private house, go to impromptu discos and dance to rock music, which broadcasts on pirate radio mysterious "Trouble Woman" (as it turns out, the daughter of the chief of the local militsiya). The hippie, as well as Korean, are being watched by a KGB officer, who sent from Moscow; as a result, the Korean is arrested at the station when he is going to return to Moscow.

After a brawl with demobilized border guards hippies get to the militsiya. To rescue the Sun first goes to his father, a Soviet Admiral. Here it turns out that the Sun is terminally ill and needs serious treatment in Moscow. Then he turn to the "Trouble Woman", which gives the money to bribe his mother-militsiya officer. After the release of the hippie on the beach by the light of fires begins the party. Meanwhile, the Sun burns their shelter ("house of the sun"), which he showed only to Sasha.



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