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A location in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Human Bean is an American national coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Ashland, Oregon. The Human Bean has 37 coffee shops[1] in 8 U.S. states.


In 1998, The Human Bean opened its first store in Ashland, Oregon.[1] In early 2002, the company began franchising their brand throughout southern Oregon and nationwide.[1]

The Human Bean has 49 locations, which 37 are franchised and 12 are corporate owned.[1] The franchise is located in 8 U.S. states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington.[2]

The Human Bean has their own coffee sourcing program called Farm Friendly Direct. This program works directly with farmers around the world to form long-term relationships and support the farming community. This ensures a good supply of coffee beans from the farmers and helps the farming community have a better life. Some of the projects have been building water systems, schools and community centers, paying teachers wages and providing schools supplies. Farm Friendly Direct funds have built a water treatment plant in Guatemala, completed deep solar water wells in Tanzania and Kenya, planted 15,000 trees in the region of El Salvador, built a new schoolhouse and supported the salary of a teacher in the Papua New Guinea community.[3]

While all locations are drive through only, the Hillsboro, Oregon location, which opened in October 2007, was the first to offer indoor seating and an outdoor patio with the addition to the drive through. Free Wireless Internet, couches, television, and local newspapers are also available. The stop featured Hillsboro local artist's paintings and along with weekly author and band appearances.[4]

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