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The InCiders
The InCiders - Endorse It In Dorset 2004.jpg
The InCiders on stage at Endorse It In Dorset 2004 (left to right: Kevin Goodwin, Matt Fox, Nick Spencer, Alf Young).
Background information
Also known as The I to tha C
Origin Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Genres Hardcore punk, heavy metal
Years active 2003 (2003)–present
  • Matt Fox
  • Kevin Goodwin
  • Alf Young
  • Nick Spencer
  • Chris Mackonochie
Past members
  • Luke Arnold
  • Mike Osment
  • Matt Dixon
  • John Townes

The InCiders (a.k.a. "The I to tha C"), are a hardcore punk/metal band, based in Bournemouth, UK. The band formed in 2003 and are well known locally for their lively stage shows (referred to as 'parties'), catchy punk rock rants and drunken party mascot, "Ciderman".

Although still relatively unknown on the national punk scene, they have a strong local following and a hard-working reputation.


Early Years (2003–2006)[edit]

The InCiders logo

From 2003 - 2006, the band were frequently seen smashing up smaller venues on the south coast of England, with the occasional adventure in other UK cities, including Wolverhampton in 2003.

Since the band's inception they have shared stages with US Bombs, Ignite, The Business, Five Knuckle and Crack Rocky Steady Seven (members of Leftover Crack).

Remembered during the era for their drunken stage antics, some members of the band occasionally found the balance of consuming a sufficient level of alcohol to fuel their show and not over-indulging, so as to not to adversely affect their performance, a challenge. In a couple of instances, this resulted in their sound being cut mid-set, seemingly to their amusement.

In 2003 and 2004, the band put on their own events under the name 'Fernstock' to sell-out crowds of 250+. Festival appearances include ‘Jamfest’ ('03, '05, '06) and the first Endorse It In Dorset festival in 2004.

Split (2006–2010)[edit]

Despite being ready to record their first full-length album, the band stopped playing together in 2006. The reason for the split was never officially confirmed, however rumours quickly spread regarding guitarist Kevin Goodwin's affirmation under the Jewish faith, resulting in a conflict of religious beliefs and band ethics. The split was however probably more likely the outcome of the closure of many small south coastal music venues (including Bournemouth's infamous "Mr Smith's"), together with the troubles of an ever-changing drumming line-up.

Reformation (2010–present)[edit]

The band reformed in early 2010 with new drum machine and long-time friend, Chris Mackonochie (of "None The Wiser" and "Henry's Phonograph" fame) and a reborn enthusiasm. The band showcased their comeback gig on 5 June 2010 in their hometown Bournemouth to a packed venue of swinging fists, reminiscent of the ugly brutality of an underground U.S. west coast hardcore show circa 1981.

The band’s latest release, playfully entitled "MegaKill v.2 Turbo”, was released on 14 May 2011 with downloadable versions made available on Bandcamp and via the band’s new website[permanent dead link] launched the same day. The band hosted a celebratory release party at which they performed their new material, together with classics from their back-catalogue. “MegaKill v.2 Turbo” has got the masses talking and received warm acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Unfortunately, the excitement of the new release was somewhat dampened by the unwelcome distraction of an arduous ongoing legal battle with a group of kids from north UK who have tried to plagiarise the band's well-established name. The band’s legal representatives are said to have asked the northerners to cease and desist.

In an interview with online magazine Volume Distortion (29 May 2011), the band promised of "plenty more of the ruckus and drunken stage shenanigans" to come and have said they are "already working on new material."

The band’s next appearance will be at Champions, Bournemouth with New York City punk legends The Casualties on Tuesday 26 July 2011.

Musical style[edit]

The band mixes fast punk chords, metal riffs and political lyrics, often centered on the theme of war. The band have however admitted trying to digress from war and self-confessed "pseudo-politics", preferring now discuss themes closer to the bands heart, such as the Vulcan Bomber, drinking to excess, Godzilla, their favourite comic book TV character Frank Gorshin and 'scene elitism', which they claim nearly caused the demise of the local scene and subsequently the band itself.

The band claim to take inspiration from an array of musical styles. More apparent influences include the likes of Sick Of It All, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag, Death By Stereo, Municipal Waste and F-Minus.


Since the band’s third ever gig in 2003, Ciderman has been a regular feature of the band’s live performance. Tasked with energizing the crowd into a frenzy and having the ability to engage an audience in all manner psychotic stage front behaviour, Ciderman has become an icon of the band and a local legend.

Antics that can be expected at an outing by The InCiders would typically include Ciderman rushing on stage at the start of the band’s set before jumping head-first into the crowd, windmilling, assisting backing vocals, crowd surfing and heavy drinking.

The infamous Ciderman suit still donned today is reported to be the original, from 2003. Legend has it the costume has been washed just once, despite its many appearances, which was supposedly in error. Ciderman is said to give off a repugnant odour, like that of a dead breast, which would seem to support the rumours about the costume.

As regards the true identity of the faceless hero, it has never been confirmed by the band who the man (or indeed woman) behind the pouring cider can is. However, speculation has many believe the caped maniac is the band’s friend and regular show attendee Tom Earwicker. One reveller at 2005’s Jamfest commented that he had never seen Tom Earwicker and Ciderman in the same place at the same time.

Rumours of late have suggested that Ciderman might be hanging up his cape. Gig-goers are however assured by the band that, as long as there is The InCiders, as long as there is cider, they can expect to encounter Ciderman.


Current members[edit]

  • Matt Fox: Vocals
  • Kevin Goodwin: Guitar
  • Alf Young: Guitar
  • Nick Spencer: Bass
  • Chris Mackonochie: Drums
  • Ciderman

Former member[edit]

  • Luke Arnold: Drums
  • Mike Osment: Drums (Life in Film)
  • Matt Dixon: Drums (Chaos Bomb)
  • John Townes: Drums


  • The Demo EP (2003) [EP]
  • Operation: Mayhem! (2004) [EP]
  • MegaKill v.2 Turbo! (2011) [LP]

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