The International Festival of Very Shorts

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The Festival International des Très Courts is an international film festival of Shorts created in 1999 and held each year in dozens of cities simultaneously.

The festival aims to promote the production of films in the Very Short format (3 minutes maximum, excluding title and credits). Productions come from all over the world. The International Selection broadcasts simultaneously in all participating cities.

The Eleventh Edition[edit]

The 11th Festival was held on 24th 25th and 26 April 2009, in 71 cities spread over 17 countries. The International Selection included 52 films from 19 countries.

Organization of the Festival[edit]

International coordination of the festival is managed from Paris. Programming by Tres d'Esprit and broadcasting by Nanospheres Productions. In each city, local companies govern their festival. Each year approximately 50 short films are selected from over 1000 viewed, from all continents. Then the films are submitted to a jury to deliver three awards: the Grand Prix, the prize for animation and the originality prize. A fourth, the public prize, is awarded on the internet by the public. Cities and countries may have their own selection in addition to the International Selection, for example the Quebec festival for 2009 had a category of films made in Quebec.

The jury presidents[edit]

Each year, a president is chosen to chair the jury of the official selection of the festival.

  • 1999 : Moebius, cartoonist
  • 2000 : Charlélie Couture, singer
  • 2001 : Patrick Bouchitey, director
  • 2002 : Gustave Parking, comedian
  • 2003 : Jean-Michel Ribes, director
  • 2004 : Emma de Caunes, actress
  • 2005 : Pierre Richard, comedian
  • 2006 : Gerard Krawczyk, director
  • 2007 : Claude Chabrol, director
  • 2008 : Yves Boisset, director
  • 2009 : Jean-Loup Hubert, director
  • 2010 : Philippe Muyl, director
  • 2011 : Nicolas Altmayer, producer
  • 2012 : Jean-François Halin, writer

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