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The Jazz Review was a magazine which was founded by Nat Hentoff, Martin Williams, and Hsio Wen Shih,[1] in New York City in 1958. It was published until 1961. Hentoff and Williams were co-editors throughout its brief existence.

Many issues of The Jazz Review are available at Jazz Studies Online which assesses its quality as follows:

While all of the material is of high quality, several features are particularly distinctive: the regular reviews of musicians' work by other musicians; Hentoff's regular column "Jazz in Print", which deals with the politics of the music business as well as of the nation; and the incorporation of a wide range of musical styles and approaches to discussing jazz.[2]

A regular feature of The Jazz Review was "The Blues", a page of transcriptions of the lyrics from blues recordings by a variety of singers, e.g., in the seventh issue:[3]


In addition to the magazine's founders, such writers as the following contributed articles to The Jazz Review:

A later California-based magazine also titled The Jazz Review, edited by Ken Borgers and Bill Wasserzieher, appeared in 1991-1992, with cover stories on Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Charlie Haden and other artists.


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