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The Jolt were a Scottish band formed in (Wishaw) in 1976.

They started out playing 1960s covers and then sped up their music, playing a mix of punk rock and power pop. The lineup was Robbie Collins (guitar, vox), Jim Doak (bass, vox) and Iain Shedden (drums). The band built up its following playing at the Crown Hotel, Wishaw. They enjoyed moderate success during the punk and early new wave era. They moved to London, England and signed to Polydor Records. They opened for bands such as The Jam, The Saints, Generation X and The Motors. They were precursors to the mod revival, which came to fruition around 1979, the year the band split.

Plans are under way for a revival tour of Britain in 2016, their first gigs in 26 years.

An eponymously labelled album, released in 1978 on Polydor and produced by Vic Smith (Vic Coppersmith-Heaven) and Chris Parry, had the following track listing (all songs by Collins, except where indicated):

Side One:
1. "Mr. Radio Man" (Doak/Collins)
2. "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" (Samwell/Potter)
3. "I Can't Wait"
4. "Chains"
5. "No Excuses"
6. "Decoyed"

Side Two:
1. "I'm Leaving" (Shedden/Collins)
2. "Everybody's The Same"
3. "In My Time"
4. "Hard Lines"
5. "(Can't You Tell) It's Over" (Doak/Collins)
6. "All I Can Do"

The album is dedicated "to the memory of the Saturday lunch times at Wishaw".


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