The Keeper (2009 film)

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The Keeper
Poster of The Keeper (2009 film).jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Keoni Waxman
Produced by Steven Seagal
Phillip Goldfine
Written by Steven Seagal
Starring Steven Seagal
Luce Rains
Kisha Sierra
Arron Shiver
Liezl Carstens
Brian Keith Gamble
Angela Serrano
Music by Philip White
Cinematography Nathan Wilson
Edited by Michael J. Duthie
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date
  • October 3, 2009 (2009-10-03) (Japan)
  • October 19, 2009 (2009-10-19) (United States)
Running time
94 min
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10,000,000[1][2]

The Keeper is a 2009 action film starring Steven Seagal and directed by Keoni Waxman. It is the first collaboration between Seagal and director Waxman; the two have subsequently made eight more films and two seasons of a limited tv- series together.


Grizzled L.A. cop Roland Sallinger (Steven Seagal) and his partner Trevor Johnson (Brian Keith Gamble) violently take down a group of drug dealers in an apartment. Trevor observes that there is what looks like a couple million dollars on the table, and Trevor suggests that he and Roland take some of it. Roland refuses, and Trevor shoots him twice in the chest.

Trevor probably should’ve checked Roland's pulse, because much to Trevor’s surprise, he gets word that Roland is still breathing and is on the way to the hospital, so Trevor decides that he has to go to the hospital and finish the job.

Roland's niece Regina Lawson (Trine Christensen), who is also a cop, visits. Roland, having seen Trevor peeking into his room, secretly takes Regina's gun out of her purse. After Regina leaves, Trevor walks in and holds a pillow over Roland's face. Roland whips out the gun and shoots Trevor twice in the chest, killing Trevor.

Roland is later on the mend, and he has been released from his job via medically mandated retirement, which has him feeling depressed. Roland is a graduate of the Firearms & Explosives Training Academy, and is the Texas Training Expo Tactical Trainer of the Year. Roland also qualifies as a SWAT team trainer.

An old friend named Connor Wells (Steph DuVall), who lives in San Antonio, Texas, has some security issues surrounding his daughter Nikita (Liezl Carstens), in that someone has made a violent attempt to kidnap her. Connor calls Roland, who agrees to fly to Texas.

In Texas, Roland is met by Detective Simon Pacheco (Carlton Liggins). Because Roland has brought weapons with him on the private airplane that Connor owns, Simon warns Roland that he'll be watching him.

Roland is also met by Manuelo (Johnnie Hector), Connor's driver. On the way to Connor's mansion, they find Manuelo's cousin Allegra (Kisha Sierra) being harassed by a pair of men. Manuelo stops the limo, and Roland beats up the two men, who say that Allegra's two brothers Enrique and Gustavo owe them money. Enrique and Gustavo arrive, and Manuelo and Roland leave.

At the mansion, Roland and Connor talk. Connor tells Roland about the kidnapping attempt. Connor wants Roland to be Nikita's bodyguard. Nikita's previous bodyguard, Jorge (Tomas Sanchez), was killed in the kidnapping attempt.

Conor thinks someone inside his organization may be an enemy. Connor tells Roland that Nikita hasn't been off the estate since the kidnapping attempt happened. Roland agrees to be Nikita's bodyguard.

Roland makes sure the security at the mansion is improved. Roland escorts Nikita to a night club so she can dance with her boyfriend Mason Silver (Arron Shiver), who is a boxer. Roland points out a suspicious-looking man, and asks Manuelo who the guy is. Manuelo says that the man is Jason Cross (Luce Raines), whom Manuelo describes as a dangerous man.

In a back room, Mason snorts some coke and necks with a woman who is not Nikita. Cross walks up to Mason, saying that they need to talk. Cross wants Mason to throw his upcoming fight against Tornado Jones. Cross gives Mason some money. And Roland beats up a guy who was harassing Nikita and a friend of hers. Nikita and Mason have an argument before Nikita and Roland leave.

At the mansion, Nikita, talking to Connor, is wishing Roland had knocked Mason on his ass as well. Nikita thinks Mason is getting arrogant and out-of-control. Later, Simon arrives at the mansion, looking for Roland, but Victor (Rio Alexander), a man who works for Connor, tells Simon that Roland is in town to get some medicine. Simon says "If he becomes a problem, you and your boss will pay the price."

Simon finds Roland in town. Simon tells Roland that Connor is involved with some rough people, namely Jason Cross. They've had dealings in the past, when Connor's father ran a business. Simon believes that Cross is a violent separatist, a man who believes that whites and Mexicans shouldn't mix. Simon says he's been after Cross for years, but nobody is willing to talk about him. Simon thinks maybe he and Roland can help each other.

Back at the mansion, Nikita tells Roland that she appreciates what he's doing for her. On Friday night, Nikita throws up in the parking lot after hanging out in a club. After a heartfelt talk between Roland and Nikita, they leave to go to the mansion.

On the next day, Roland follows Mason to a restaurant where Mason meets with two of Cross's men. Mason tells them to tell Cross that he won't throw the fight. One of the men holds Mason while the other gets out a pair of cutters and threatens to start cutting Mason's fingers off.

Mason figures out that Cross is out to kidnap Nikita. Mason says that he knows what's on Connor's land. Mason thinks he and Cross can do some business so Mason won't get killed. They all leave, and Roland follows Mason to the mansion. After Mason pulls back out of the estate with Nikita in his car, Roland follows them, using the signal from the transponder in Nikita's necklace.

Mason drives to where some masked men with guns tell them to get out of the car. Nikita gets out and runs. Roland kills some of the men. One of the men grabs Nikita while Mason gets beat up. Nikita is forced into an SUV, and Roland chases them. The two men in the SUV fire at Roland, and the SUV's driver rips off Nikita's necklace and throws it out the window.

A motorcycle comes up behind Roland. Roland manages to stop the SUV, and the driver gets out, taking Nikita with him. The man on the motorcycle attacks Roland, and Roland kills him by throwing a knife into his neck. Cops arrive and point guns at Roland as the driver gets away on the motorcycle with Nikita. They arrest Roland.

Simon talks to Roland at the station. Connor calls the police and tells them that it was self-defense. Roland tells Simon that the kidnappers work for Cross. Simon shows Roland a picture of Tory Harris (Eli Lattimer), one of Cross's lieutenants.

Simon steps out of the room to take care of something he's been alerted to. Minutes later, Roland is told that he's free to go. Simon returns to his office, and is angry to see that Roland is not there. That night, Simon goes to the mansion and tells Connor that if the kidnappers contact him, to tell Simon immediately.

After Simon leaves, Cross calls Connor, and Simon listens in from a car. Cross gives Connor 24 hours to give him what he wants. It seems that there is uranium on Connor's property. That's why Cross wants Connor's land, plus $5,000,000 in cash and diamonds. Cross hangs up on Connor.

At a church, Roland and Manuelo meet with Allegra. Manuelo tells Roland what Victor told him about the demands. After that, Roland heads to Mason's place, where a man is standing guard outside. Roland snaps the man's neck. Inside the house, Mason is making out with a woman, and two men are playing poker. Roland kills the two men.

Mason says he had no choice but to help them kidnap Nikita, and Mason admits that he let his pride get in the way by not agreeing to throw the fight, and he screwed up. Roland asks Mason where Nikita is. Mason says he doesn't know, and Roland and Manuelo take Mason with them. On the next day, they have Mason bound and gagged in a truck.

Roland and Manuel go to a restaurant called Hermano's. Cross is there. He calls Connor, and tells Connor that time is running out. Cross says that Connor will see Nikita tomorrow when Cross has the property deeds.

They hang up, and Cross is told that his men have found Mason in the truck outside. Cross has Harris grab Mason. Cross leaves a couple of men behind. They open fire. Roland kills one of the men, and Manuelo gets shot in the shoulder. Manuelo retreats inside the restaurant, and so does Roland. The other man follows them in, and Roland kills him.

That night, Roland goes to the mansion and talks to Connor. Connor admits that he and Cross grew up together, and that Cross wants the rich deposit of uranium that's on Connor's property. Connor says he doesn't care what happens, he just wants Nikita back. Connor tells Roland about a hacienda that Cross has. Roland promises that he'll get Nikita back from Cross.

Outside, Manuelo, Enrique, and Gustavo are waiting for Roland. At the Hacienda, Nikita learns the truth about Mason, who now wants Roland dead. At the mansion, Connor gets the ransom ready to drop off. Simon gets a message from Roland to be at Cross Ranch at 8pm.

At Cross Ranch, Roland sees Connor's limo arriving, and then sees Nikita being held by her captors. Connor gets out of his limo, and Cross gets out of an SUV. Connor hands Cross a satchel, and Roland starts silently killing Cross's men.

Connor gives Cross the money, and tells him to let Nikita go. Cross is alerted that Roland is there, and Connor whips out a gun and shoots Cross. Connor and Cross fight while Harris holds on to Nikita.

Simon and a SWAT team start arriving. Simon tries to keep Connor from shooting Cross again. Roland follows Harris inside the building. After beating Harris up, Roland kills Harris. Connor gives his gun to Simon. The SWAT team takes Cross away. Mason is also loaded into a van. Nikita is reunited with Connor.


Actor Role
Steven Seagal Rolland Sallinger
Luce Rains Jason Cross
Kisha Sierra Allegra
Liezl Carstens Nikita Wells
Arron Shiver Mason Silver
Brian Keith Gamble Trevor Johnson
Angela Serrano Asian bare breast (aka Massage Girl) [3]


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