The Kid (1950 film)

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The Kid
Bruce Lee 1950.jpg
Original Hong Kong film poster
Traditional 細路祥
Simplified 细路祥
Mandarin Xì Lù Xiáng
Cantonese Sai3 Lou6 Ceong4
Directed by Feng Feng
Produced by Leung Biu
Screenplay by Cho Kei
Based on Kid Cheung
by Yuen Po-wan
Starring Bruce Lee
Lee Hoi-chuen
Feng Feng
Cinematography Yuen Chang-sam
Edited by Mang Lung
Datong Film Company
Distributed by Xingguang Film Company
Release date
  • 30 May 1951 (1951-05-30)
Running time
80 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

The Kid, also known as Kid Cheung and My Son A-Chang, is a 1950 Hong Kong drama film starring the then 10-year-old Bruce Lee in his first leading role in the title role of "Kid Cheung", based on a comic book character written by Yuen Bou-wan,[1] who also has a role in the film. Co-starring Lee's father, Lee Hoi-chuen, this is the second film in which the father and son worked together on, the other being The Birth of Mankind in 1946.


  • Bruce Lee as Kid Cheung
  • Lee Hoi-chuen as Hung Pak-ho
  • Feng Feng as Flash Knife Lee
  • Yee Chau-sui as Uncle Ho
  • Chan Wai-yue as Lui Mei
  • Yuen Po-wan as Boaster Chiu
  • Ko Lo-chuen as Secretary Ko
  • Tong Yuen as So Mui
  • Wong Kwai-lam as Ngau
  • Fung So-po as Chu
  • Chow Chi-sing as Four Eyed Joe/Tsui
  • Yip Ping as Hung's wife
  • Ko Chiu as Secretary
  • Yip Yan-foo as Teacher
  • Ting Ling as Staff
  • Fung Ging Man as gang member
  • Che Tin as Ratso Ping
  • Lee Chau-wan as maid
  • Mok Wan-ha as Factory worker
  • Allyson Chang as Factory worker
  • Law Lan as Factory worker
  • Chan Lap-pan as landlady

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