The Last Letter Home

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The Last Letter Home
The Last Letter Home.jpg
Author Vilhelm Moberg
Original title 'Sista brevet till Sverige'
Translator Gustaf Lannestock
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Series The Emigrants
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Bonniers (Swedish edition)
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print
Pages 311 pp (Swedish edition)
ISBN 0-87351-322-3
OCLC 32346926
839.73/72 20
LC Class PT9875.M5 S513 1995
Preceded by The Settlers
Followed by None

The Last Letter Home (Swedish: Sista brevet till Sverige) is a novel by Vilhelm Moberg from 1959. It is the fourth and final part of The Emigrants series, the shortest book of the four, with a faster pace.


This novel tells about Karl-Oskar and Kristina in their late life and eventual death. The novel has a slightly more reflective perspective than the other three, and it follows events such as The American Civil War and the Sioux Outbreak of 1862 through the perspective of the settlers.

Film, television or theatrical adaptions[edit]

  • The New Land, a 1972 sequel to the first film, based on the last two novels.