The Last Men of the Revolution

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The Last Men of the Revolution.jpg
Title page of first edition
AuthorRev. E. B. Hillard
CountryUnited States
PublisherN. A. & R. A. Moore

The Last Men of the Revolution is a compilation of biographies written by Rev. E. B. Hillard (Elias Brewster) documenting veterans of the American Revolution who were alive in 1864.[1] The book contains six albumen prints, one for each veteran documented excluding James Barham.[2]

List of People Interviewed[3][edit]

Edward Everett's Letter[edit]

On January 15, 1865 Edward Everett, former Massachusetts Governor, wrote a letter to the publishers N. A. & R. A. Moore expressing his appreciation for their book. The letter was written the day he died and is his last known letter. Soon after the letter was written it was in possession of Mr. James Parker, of Springfield Ma., an antiquary and collector of autographs.[4] He had the letter lithographed and made copies of the book with the letter's facsimile in the front, copies were given to his friends.

Edwards Everett's Letter:

Letter in Front Flyleaves of First Edition


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