The Last Supper (novel)

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The Last Supper
The Last Supper Arrow edition, 1984
Author Charles McCarry
Country United States
Language English
Series Paul Christopher
Genre Spy novel
Published 1983
Preceded by The Secret Lovers (Novel)
Followed by Second Sight (Novel)

The Last Supper (1983), by American author Charles McCarry, is the fourth novel in the Paul Christopher series.[1]


The Last Supper fills a great deal of back story to the Paul Christopher saga. The first part of the novel details Christopher's parents' courtship and marriage in pre-World War II Germany, Christopher's childhood, and the mystery surrounding his mother's disappearance. The second part of the novel picks up right after The Tears of Autumn, with Christopher being imprisoned in China for espionage.


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  • The Last Supper, Signet, 1983