The Leap Years

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The Leap Years
Directed by Jean Yeo
Produced by Chan Pui Yin
Ng San San
Written by Jean Yeo
Alain Layrac
Fina Torres
George Walker T
Catherine Lim (novel)
Starring Wong Lilin
Ananda Everingham
Qi Yuwu
Joan Chen
Release date
  • 29 February 2008 (2008-02-29)
Country Singapore
Language English

The Leap Years (also known as Leap of Love) is a Singapore film produced by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, based on the novella Leap of Love by the author Catherine Lim. The production for the film started in 2005, and the film was initially to be released in December 2005 release.[1] It was released on February 29, 2008 in Singapore.


Li-Ann, a single and attractive teacher in a Singaporean girls' school teaches her students about an obscure leap year custom practiced in Ireland, where men cannot refuse a proposal or date from a woman should she do so on February 29; she chances upon Jeremy at Windows Cafe who becomes a major part of her life.


In the original story, the cafe was called the Blue Paradise Café, while in the movie it was Windows Cafe. (Windows Cafe was an actual restaurant at Club Street, Singapore, at the time the movie was filmed. Though by the time the film opened, it had been replaced by a new restaurant called Seven On Club.)



The Joan Chen part is not in the novella. According to director Jean Yeo, it was added as a marketing decision to get Joan Chen involved, as her presence could help with the distribution of the film. It was shot separately, and the 9 minutes of Joan Chen's part was shot by the second unit director.[2][3]

Li-Lin's real life ex-husband Allan Wu makes a very brief cameo appearance as Danny, the husband of Kim (Paula Malai Ali), during Li-Ann's second leap year of meeting Jeremy.


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