The Legend of the Golden Snail

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The Legend of the Golden Snail is the 14th children's book written and illustrated by author Graeme Base. It was published in 2010,[1] by a collaboration of Penguin Books and Viking (publisher). Featuring rhymes and detailed illustrations this book is best suited for ages 5 and up.

The story follows the adventure of Wilbur who, along with his cat, decides to undertake a voyage to find the 'golden snail'. To get to the golden snail they travel past several places, while going past various locations Wilbur helps various magical/mechanical creatures, who later in the story help Wilbur in times of hardship.[2]

The book builds on the literature themes of friendship and kindness bringing about positive rewards while having conservationist/environmental undertones.

Finally, like all Graeme Base books there are multiple hidden images in every picture. In The Legend of the Golden Snail, there is a snail/skull and crossbones hidden in every page, as well as hidden images relating to other pages in the story.


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