The Little Bather

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Le Petit Baigneur
The Little Bather.jpg
Directed by Robert Dhéry
Produced by Robert Dorfmann
Written by Robert Dhéry
Starring Louis de Funès
Andréa Parisy
Music by Gérard Calvi
Distributed by Valoria Films
Release date
22 March 1968 (France)
Running time
96 minutes (France)
82 minutes (Germany)
Country France
Language French

The Little Bather (French: Le Petit Baigneur), is a French comedy film from 1968, directed and written by Robert Dhéry, starring Louis de Funès and Andréa Parisy. The film is known under the titles: "The Little Bather" (International English title), "The Mad Adventures of the Bouncing Beauty" (alternative English title), "Sálvese quien pueda" (Spain), "Der kleine Sausewind" or "Balduin, der Trockenschwimmer" (West Germany), "Si salvi chi può" (Italy) [1] and "Mały Pływak" (Poland).



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