The Live Mix, Part 2

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The Live Mix, Part 2
Studio album by Breakestra
Released February 20, 2001
Genre Funk, Soul, Hip Hop
Label Stones Throw Records
Producer This Kid Named Miles
Breakestra chronology
The Live Mix, Part 1
The Live Mix, Part 2
Hit The Floor
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Allmusic 4/5 stars link

The Live Mix, Part 2 is an album by Breakestra, an American a ten-piece funk "orchestra". The album is a combination of breaks and funk covers performed with real instruments, and featuring the vocals of band member Mixmaster Wolf. All tracks were produced by This Kid Named Miles.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 1"
  2. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 2"
  3. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 3"
  4. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 4"
  5. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 5"
  6. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 6"
  7. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 7"
  8. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 8"
  9. "Eight Bar Segment Intro 9"
  10. "Funky Drummer"
    • Contains a sample from:
  11. "Crumbs Off The Table"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Crumbs Off The Table" performed by Laura Lee
  12. "Sister Sanctified"
  13. "Hook N' Sling"
    • Contains a sample from:
  14. "Sing A Simple Song"
  15. "Sexy Coffee Pot"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Sexy Coffee Pot" performed by Tony Alvon & The Belairs
  16. "I Got Love"
  17. "Baby Don't Cry"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Baby Don't Cry" performed by Third Guitar
  18. "Inner City Blues"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Inner City Blues" performed by Reuben Wilson
  19. "Cramp Your Style"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Cramp Your Style" performed by All The People
  20. "Champ"
    • Contains a sample from:
  21. "Hot Pants, I'm Comin'"
    • Contains a sample from:
  22. "Sad Chicken"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Sad Chicken" performed by Leroy & The Drivers
  23. "Remember Who You Are"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Remember Who You Are" performed by Sly & The Family Stone
  24. "Humpty Dump"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Humpty Dump" performed by Vibrettes
  25. "Burning Spear"
    • Contains a sample from:
      • "Burning Spear" performed by S.O.U.L.
  26. "Showbiz Interlude"
  27. "Soul Power '74"
  28. "Getcho Soul Together, Pt. 1"
  29. "Getcho Soul Together, Pt. 2"


  • Drums: Josh Cohen
  • Flute: Double G
  • Alto saxophone: Double G
  • Tenor saxophone: Double G
  • Baritone saxophone: Double G
  • Organ: Carlos Guaico
  • Fender rhodes: Carlos Guaico
  • Bass: Miles Om Tackett
  • Violin: Miles Om Tackett, Amir Yaghmai
  • Cello: Miles Om Tackett, Amir Yaghmai
  • Guitar: Dan Ubick
  • Mixing: Miles Om Tackett

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