The Logia of Yeshua

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The Logia of Yeshua
The Logia of Yeshua.jpg
Author Guy Davenport and Benjamin Urrutia
Cover artist Hans Memling, "Christ Giving His Blessing"
Country U.S.
Language English
Subject Christianity, parables/sayings
Publisher Counterpoint
Publication date
Media type hardcover
Pages 67
ISBN 1-887178-18-X
OCLC 35718720
226/.05209 21
LC Class BT306 .L583 1996

The Logia of Yeshua, by Guy Davenport and Benjamin Urrutia, published by Counterpoint Press, is a compendium of canonical and extracanonical sayings of Jesus that are considered authentic by the authors. The book won critical praise for its scholarship and poetic language. "Throughout, The Logia of Yeshua freshens familiar New Testament injunctions, encouraging us to think anew about their meanings."[1] "Davenport and Urrutia must be applauded for their desire to awaken the reader by offering these new, bare translations of Jesus' sayings." [2]

The word logia applies to teachings of Jesus used as source materials by the gospel writers in the writing of the canonical gospels. Logia also refers to the logic those teachings imply.

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