The Luxury of Time

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The Luxury of Time
Studio album by David Mead
Released September 28, 1999 [US]; June 26, 2000 [UK]
Genre Rock
Label RCA Records
David Mead chronology
The Luxury of Time
Mine and Yours

The Luxury of Time is the debut album by singer/songwriter David Mead. It was released to critical acclaim by RCA Records in 1999.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Robert Bradley's Postcard"
  2. "Sweet Sunshine"
  3. "Touch Of Mascara"
  4. "Apart From You"
  5. "Breathe You In"
  6. "World Of A King"
  7. "Landlocked"
  8. "Telephone"
  9. "Everyone Knows It But You"
  10. "She, Luisa"
  11. "Make The Most Of"
  12. "While The World Is Sleeping"
  13. "Painless"

Session outtakes[edit]

  1. "Bucket Of Girls" (later re-recorded for the Indiana album)
  2. "Claws"
  3. "Jonathan Barnum, Talk Of The Town"