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A machine is a device that uses energy to perform some activity or task.

Machine, Machines, Machinery, The Machine, or The Machines may also refer to:

Term of art[edit]

More specific applications of the general term

  • Machine (mechanical) device designed to apply forces and control movement
  • Machine (patent), one of the four statutory categories of patent-eligible subject matter under United States patent law


Personal nickname[edit]

The following are nicknamed "The Machine":

  • Albert Pujols (born 1980), Dominican-American baseball player
  • Sasha Vujačić (born 1984), Slovenian basketball player
  • Bert Kreischer American stand-up comedian (born 1973), actor and reality television host
  • James Wade (born 1983), English darts player
  • Ramin Ott (born 1986), American Samoan association football player
  • Vimael Machín (born 1993), Puerto Rican baseball player






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