The Mask (novel)

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The Mask
The Mask (novel) cover.jpg
First edition
Author Dean Koontz (as Owen West)
Country United States
Language English
Genre Mystery, Suspense
Publisher Jove Books
Publication date
Media type Paperback
Pages 305
ISBN 0-515-05695-2
OCLC 27721515

The Mask is a novel by the best-selling author Dean Koontz originally released under the pseudonym Owen West in 1981. Koontz later re-released the novel under his own name.

Plot summary[edit]

An amnesic blonde girl appears in the middle of traffic on a busy day. Carol and Paul, a married couple, are drawn to her, seeing her as the child they never had, they take her in. Then Carol begins to have nighmares about ghastly noises in the dead of night, a bloody face in a mirror, and a razor-sharp ax. Where has Jane come from? Is she just an orphan in need of love? Or is she hiding something more sinister? Who is the girl behind the mask?

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