The Maxies

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The Maxies
The Maxies performing in Riverside, California, in 2015
The Maxies performing in Riverside, California, in 2015
Background information
OriginNuuk, Greenland (claimed)
Riverside, California (actual)
GenresPunk rock, Power pop
Years active2006–present
LabelsRock Ridge Music
It's Alive Records
Associated actsSquirtgunThe Phuzz
MembersMaximum Maxie (vocals)
Donny Debauchery (guitar, vocals)
All the Way Jay (guitar, vocals)
Mad Maxie (bass, vocals)
Nasty Nate (keys, vocals)
Climaxie (drums)

The Maxies are a power pop/punk rock band based in Riverside, California, with its members using onstage pseudonyms and billing themselves from Nuuk, Greenland.[1][2] Prone to juvenile obscenities,[3] the band is known for it catchy sing along pop punk tunes and on stage antics[4] and drunken polar bear mascot.[5] Because of their costumes and gimmicks, they are often likened to an evil, bad guy version of The Aquabats. Their live show is usually over the top making fun of themselves, the audience and any bands on the show. These Anti-Heros will have you laughing and dancing at the same time. [6] The band signed to Rock Ridge Music distribution by ADA / Warner Bros. released their second full-length album, Nuuk 'Em All, on April 22, 2016.[7]

The band's music is largely influenced by Ramones, The Jam, Green Day,The Specials, They Might Be Giants,The Purple Hearts, The Clash, Paul Collins and his band The Beat, with whom they have toured, along with other bands such as Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table, Suburban Legends, and Streetlight Manifesto.[8][9] Notable fan Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish has occasionally dressed up in the polar bear suit and played as a guitarist for The Maxies.Barrett has played guitar, sang backups and produced on The Maxies album Nuuk Em All [6] Most of their physical releases have been put out by It's Alive Records,[10] and the cover of their 7" split with Japanese band Kingons was drawn by DC Comics artist Tim Cochran.[11] The identities of the band members are officially unknown, but it is rumored that one member was formerly a part of the band Squirtgun.[12]

Major tours[edit]


Date of US release Title Label
2010 The Unofficial Punk Rock Bowling Demos' (self release) (Digital/CD)
2011 Going Clubbin' It's Alive Records (Digital/Vinyl/CD)
2013 Greenland is Melting It's Alive Records (Digital/Vinyl/CD)
2013 The Beat/The Maxies 7" Split Radius Records (Vinyl)
2014 The Maxies/Kingons 10" Split It's Alive Records (Digital/Vinyl/CD)
2016 Nuuk 'Em All Rock Ridge Music / ADA / Warner Bros.

Compilation appearances

  • Awesome Fest 4 2010 "The Party's Over...Now"
  • Show 'Em the Hand II - It's Alive Records 2011 "Clubbin'," "Sandy"
  • 12th and G - On the Real Records 2011 "Baby Defect"
  • Awesome Fest 666 2012 "A Global Warming"
  • Awesome Fiesta Siete 7 2013 "Happy Birthday [You're a Dick]"

Music videos


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