The Miocene Arrow

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The Miocene Arrow
The Miocene Arrow.JPG
First edition cover
Author Sean McMullen
Language English
Series Greatwinter
Genre Science fiction
Publication date
ISBN 0-7653-4455-6
OCLC 59352683
Preceded by Souls in the Great Machine
Followed by Eyes of the Calculor

The Miocene Arrow is a post-apocalyptic novel by Sean McMullen. It is the middle book of the Greatwinter trilogy.

Plot summary[edit]

In isolated pockets of what used to be America, humans fight stylized duels in small, biodiesel-powered airplanes. In a land where chivalry and honor are everything, what happens when rebels from Australia, enamored of the amazing technology held by the Americans, hatch a plot to bring some of it back to their homes?


Publishers Weekly said that "the tale features labyrinthine politics, a large cast of engaging, thorny and occasionally rather cartoonish characters, and many well depicted scenes of aerial warfare. The authors inventive use of several oddball technologies is particularly noteworthy, and veteran SF readers may well be reminded of L. Sprague de Camp."[1]


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