Eyes of the Calculor

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Eyes of the Calculor
Eyes of the Calculor (Sean McMullen novel - cover art).jpg
First Edition Cover
Author Sean McMullen
Language English
Series Greatwinter
Genre Science fiction
Publication date
Preceded by Souls in the Great Machine, The Miocene Arrow

Eyes of the Calculor is a post-apocalyptic novel by Sean McMullen published in 2001. It is the third part of the Greatwinter trilogy.


Mirrorsun, which orbits earth and prevents electrical machines from functioning, had been defunct for some time. However, when it comes back to life with a vengeance, the new Highliber must reform the Calculor, a large computer whose components are human beings. At the same time, Americans are working with an underground group to bring their airplanes and weapons to Australia. Can the Highliber and the Overmayor of Rochester, the capital of Australia, stop the American technology from destroying their way of life?

Literary significance and reception[edit]

Jackie Cassady in her review for the Library Journal said that "McMullen's sf epic examines the implications of low technology and religious idealism set against a world in the throes of transformation."[1]


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