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The Moneytree is an independent film that had a theatrical release in 1992 in the United States. It received reviews in several publications such as the Los Angeles Times[1] and the San Francisco Chronicle.

"The Moneytree" is a film about one of life's most basic choices - do you work for a bank for thirty years to get the money you want, or do you just rob the bank? David, the protagonist in this action comedy, is a clandestine cultivator of the notorious Weed De Mal; in other words he grows pot for a living. His best friend tells him he's stupid; "it's a small-time suckers game". His girlfriend thinks he's crazy, but David likes what he's doing and can't see the harm in it; "did you ever see anyone lying in the gutter with a joint in his hand?" Come to think of it, I haven't still things start to come apart when a good buddy is busted in L.A.X., while another meets something far more nasty than the police. David knows he should pull out, but some how this seems"dishonorable"; and he goes on with the play hoping to pull it off in the last few frames. We're all heroes in our own movie. "The Moneytree" offers a surprising look at the other side of the headlines.

There is no writer credited because, although the actors were given a story line, all the dialogue is improvised.

The film's ending leaves one wondering if the film is more of a documentary than is implied.

Black Sheep Films worked on the re-release of The Moneytree on April 20, 2012 with a new soundtrack and edit.

It is believed that the film-maker really was a grower and the film is essentially a true story.


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