The Movement of the Free Spirit

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The Movement of the Free Spirit
The Movement of the Free Spirit (French edition).jpg
Cover of the French edition
Author Raoul Vaneigem
Original title Le mouvement du Libre-Esprit
Translator Randall Cherry, Ian Patterson
Country France
Language French
Publisher Editions Ramsay (Original French); Zone Books (English Translation)
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 302 (1998 Zone Books edition)
ISBN 9780942299700

The Movement of the Free Spirit: General Considerations and Firsthand Testimony Concerning Some Brief Flowerings of Life in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and, Incidentally, Our Own Time (French: Le mouvement du Libre-Esprit) is a 1986 book by former Situationist International (SI) member Raoul Vaneigem published in English in 1998 by Zone Books.


Vaneigem documents a number of radical heretical religious movements that took place in Europe between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries.

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