The Mushroom Cloud Effect

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The Mushroom Cloud Effect
Studio album by Adil Omar
Released March 22, 2013
Recorded 2010-2012
Genre Hip hop, Hardcore rap, Experimental hip hop
Label Self released
Producer Adil Omar (exec.), Fredwreck, KFied, DJ Lethal, Talal Qureshi, Apathy, DJ Solo, Rubee Jawbotik, Traumah, G Rocka of Soul Assassins, Charlie Patierno

The Mushroom Cloud Effect is the indie debut street album by Pakistani rapper Adil Omar. It was released on March 22, 2013.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer(s)
1 "The Mushroom Cloud Effect" Charlie Patierno
2 "50 Feet Tall" (featuring Hard Target) Rubee Jawbotik
3 "Paki Rambo" DJ Solo
4 "Go Outside" Apathy
5 "Broken Man" KFied
6 "One by One" (featuring B-Real, Sick Jacken and Demrick) Traumah, G Rocka
7 "Star Power" Talal Qureshi
8 "Off The Handle" (featuring Xzibit) Fredwreck
9 "Sugar Low" KFied, Talal Qureshi
10 "Carry Me Home" DJ Lethal, Franko Carino, Bilal Iftikhar
11 "Heart of Darkness" DJ Lethal
12 "Summertime" (featuring Kool G Rap, Gravity and Greydon Square) Traumah, G Rocka
13 "Hand Over Your Guns" (featuring Everlast) KFied, Rubee Jawbotik