National Order of the Cedar

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National Order of the Cedar
National Order of the Cedar commander badge (Lebanon 1970) - Tallinn Museum of Orders.jpg
Commander's Badge of the order
Awarded by Lebanon
Type State order with five grades
Awarded for Great services rendered to Lebanon, for acts of courage and devotion of great moral value, as for years in public service
Status Active
Established 31 December 1936
Next (higher) Lebanese Order of Merit
Next (lower) Navy Medal
Officer Medal of the National Order of the Cedar

The National Order of the Cedar (Arabic: وسام الأرز الوطنيWisām al-Arz al-Waṭaniy French: Ordre National du Cèdre) is a civil and military State Order of Lebanon. Established 31 December 1936, the order is the highest honour of Lebanon,[1] and is presented in five grades.[2]


The Order was created on the 31 December 1936, but is regulated by the Lebanese Code of Decorations as set out in Decree-Law 122 of 12 June 1959.[3] It is awarded, usually by the President of the Republic of Lebanon, for “great services rendered to Lebanon, for acts of courage and devotion of great moral value, as for years in public service”.


The Medal itself consists of a five-pointed white enamel gilt-edged Maltese cross with stylised green and brown enamel cedars of Lebanon between the arms on a green enamel laurel wreath suspension; the face with a central red enamel medallion inscribed in Arabic ‘Lubnan’ (Lebanon) within an inscribed gilt ring; the reverse with a circular central gilt medallion bearing the red and white enamel national flag of the Republic of Lebanon within an inscribed gilt ring. It has a diameter of 20mm (¾ inch).

National Order of the Cedar ribbon bars
Order of the Cedar - Grand Cordon (Lebanon) Ribbon.png
Grand Cordon
Order of the Cedar - Grand Officer (Lebanon) Ribbon.png
Grand Officer
Order of the Cedar - Commander (Lebanon) Ribbon.png
Order of the Cedar - Officer (Lebanon) Ribbon.png
Order of the Cedar - Knight (Lebanon) Ribbon.png

Recipients in selection[edit]


  • Fouad Naffah, (1925-2017) Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2017
  • Toni Issa, former Board of Directors of IPT Group, 2014
  • Walid Jumblatt, Lebanese politician, 2014. Was awarded the medal by President Michel Suleiman "in appreciation for his national role and political moderation and his call for dialogue among political rivals."[4]
  • Wissam al-Hassan, (1965-2012) Chief of Information Branch - Grand officer, 2012.
  • Marie Bashir, Governor of New South Wales, Australia — Grand Cordon, 2012.
  • Ali Wehbi",The Lebanese Desert Runner" - Knight, 2012
  • Ghassan Tueni, (1926-2012) Journalist and politician, 2012.
  • Salim Ghazal, Melkite Bishop and Champion of Co-Existence in Lebanon, Commander - 2011.
  • Bashar al-Assad, Syrian President - Grand Cordon, 2010.
  • Paolo Gerometta, Italian UNIFIL SWC and JTF-L Commander, Knight - 2010.







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