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For the comic book, see Next Men.
The Nextmen
Also known as Brad Baloo & Dom Search
Genres Hip hop, soul
Instruments Guitar, keyboard
Labels Antidote, Sanctuary, Fat City, Custom
Members Brad Ellis & Dom Betmead

The Nextmen are a UK production/songwriting group consisting of Dom Search (aka Dominic Betmead) and Brad Baloo (aka Brad Ellis). Often incorporating hip hop drum sets and electronic basslines into their sound, they have worked with many artists from the UK, US and Jamaica. They are currently signed to Universal Music Group in the UK, with whom they are creating their fourth artist album.

Musical career[edit]

The Nextmen have been prolific remixers since 2000, but their first official remix was for UK Hip Hop group London Posse on "Style", the Posse's last 12" single, in 1996. [1] They have created a string of mixtapes, and perform two-man, four turntable DJ sets, often fronted by an MC (usually MC Wrec, Dynamite MC or Yungun) which include music from many genres.

The pair grew up in Cambridge, England and are based in North London. They are both musicians, playing guitar (Dom Search) and keys (Brad Baloo).


Their first album, 2000's Amongst the Madness included performances from MCs from the US and UK. The second album Get Over It, released in 2003, featured such artists as American rapper J-Live and Cutty Ranks. Dom Search appeared on two Groove Armada albums, Vertigo and Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub.

The 2005 reggae compilation Blunted In the Backroom on Antidote Records included two new Nextmen tracks, "Blood and Fire" featuring Dynamite MC, and "Piece Of The Pie" featuring Demolition Man.

In June 2007, The Nextmen released their third studio album This Was Supposed To Be The Future on Antidote Records.[2] It featured vocalists include LSK (faithless) Dynamite MC, Zarif, Alice Russell, Sway, Bridgitte Amofah and Kidz In The Hall. The first single was "Let It Roll", featuring Alice Russell. At their album launch, The Nextmen performed as a full 10 piece band, with members of the Part Time Heroes.

The Nextmen also produced the title track of Plan B's 2006 album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words on 679 records.

Amongst many mix CDs, The Nextmen created an exclusive mix CD for The Addict Beats Collective They have also released a mix album called friends and family.

They started producing a monthly Podcast in late 2010, the first of which went straight to No. 1 in the UK iTunes music chart and remains popular.

Presently (early 2011) the pair are working on Plan B's forthcoming album 'The Ballad Of Belmarsh' (Dom Search), and the debut album for The Milk (Brad Baloo). Dom Search is also making a dance music album under a hidden alias.

Collaboration/remix list[edit]

Aim, Atlantic Conveyor, Blackalicious, Commix, Corinne Bailey Rae, Cutty Ranks, Dallas, Demolition Man, DJ Yoda and MC Wrec, Dynamite MC, Fat Freddy's Drop, Fort Knox Five, Friends and Family, Groove Armada, J-Live, Jess Mills, London Posse, Louie Slipperz, Mark Rae, Morcheeba, Mystro, Niko, P-Digsss, Paul Epworth, Penultimate, Plan B, Public Enemy, Rodney P, Soulson, Tali, The Pharcyde, The Resin Dogs, Ty, YunGun, Z-Trip, Zane Lowe, Zarif, and have been remixed by The Stanton Warriors and Cyantific.



  • "Style (Next Men Remix)" - London Posse (1996, Bullitt Records)
  • "Slide Up" (1997, Scenario Records)
  • "Break The Mould" (1999, Scenario Records)
  • "Amongst The Madness" (2000, Scenario Records / 75Ark)
  • "Buck Foolish" (2000, Scenario Records / 75Ark)
  • "Turn It Up A Little" (2001, Scenario Records / 75Ark)
  • "Turn It Up A Little - Remixes" (2001, Scenario Records / 75Ark)
  • "I'll Try" (2002, Stonegroove Recordings)
  • "The Next Trend / Liven It Up" (2002, Scenario Records)
  • "Where You'll Find Me" (2002, Scenario Records)
  • "Silent Weapon" (2003, Scenario Records)
  • "High Score" (2003, Scenario Records)
  • "Firewalking" (2003, Scenario Records)
  • "Firewalking Remixes" (2003, Scenario Records)
  • "90% Of Me Is You" (2004, Scenario Records)
  • "Blood Fire / Piece Of The Pie" (2005, Antidote / Sanctuary Records)
  • "Spin It Round" (2005, Custom / Fat City Recordings)
  • "Knowledge Be Born" (2007)
  • "Let It Roll" feat. Alice Russell (2007, Antidote / Sanctuary)
  • "Something Got You" feat. Zarif (2007, Antidote / Sanctuary)
  • "The Lions Den" feat. Ms. Dynamite and Andy Cato (2009, Sanctuary / Universal)

Featured on[edit]

  • Battlecreek 3 (2001, Illicit Recordings)
  • Plug Famalam Mixtape (2006, White Label)


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