The Nines (band)

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The Nines
Origin Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Genres Power pop
Years active 1992 (1992)–present (present)
Labels TAS GOLD / Page Music / EMI / Universal / Airmail Recordings
Members Steve Eggers
Paul McCulloch
Warren Cliff
Aaron Nielsen
Andrew Webb
Sam Tallo

The Nines is a Canadian power pop band formed in Oakville, Ontario in 1991. The core of the band is multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and primary songwriter Steve Eggers. A series of other band members have rotated in and out through the years, including George Aaron Nielsen (the original drummer), Andrew Webb (the original guitar player) and Sam Tallo (guitar), Paul McCulloch (strings and bass) Bill Majoros (guitar)

Several Nines/Eggers songs have been included on network television series, including Dawson's Creek, Party of Five and Joan of Arcadia.[1] Eggers also wrote the theme song for Global Television's comedy sitcom The Jane Show.

The Nines have been described in reviews as a band that has picked up where The Beatles left off.[2]


The first Nines album, Wonderworld of Colourful, was released in Canada in 1996 on the Page Music label and was distributed through EMI. Later that year, Universal Music Canada released a piano-based four-song EP. Eggers admits that the band was still a "work in progress" at this time.

Properties of Sound was released in North America in 2001. Airmail Recordings picked up the album in Japan a year later and released it there with bonus tracks and sold with six packs of kraft dinner.

While essentially a studio project, the band has performed live and has shared the stage with a diverse group of artists including, Ron Sexsmith, Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe, Supertramp's Roger Hodgson, the Jim Rose Side Show, and the Barenaked Ladies.[3] Steve Eggers has gone on to work with a number of songwriters, including Andy Partridge of the British band XTC, and Jason Falkner, former member of the band Jellyfish.[4] In 2015, the Nines released the movie soundtrack "Night Surfer and the Cassette Kids" featuring multi-talented and widely recognized musician and guitarist Bill Majoros of the band the Foreign Films. The Nines' latest album, "Colour Radio (American Transistor)", came out in Fall 2017.


Released Album
1996 Wonderworld of Colourful
1999 Four Song EP
2001 Properties of Sound
2002 Properties of Sound (Japanese Import)
2006 Calling Distance Stations
2007 Gran Jukle's Field
2007 Winter Snow & Icicles
2011 Polarities
2013 The Nines
2014 Nine Lives
2015 Night Surfer and the cassette kids (original soundtrack)
2015 Circles in the snow (tapes and transcripts vol.1)
2015 Rare cuts and unreleased
2016 Alejandro's Visions
2017 Colour Radio (American Transistor)


The band was third place in a battle of the bands at the CHMR radio contest in 1994.


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