The Only Thrill

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The Only Thrill
Directed by Peter Masterson
Starring Diane Keaton
Release date
Running time
103 mins.
Country United States
Language English

The Only Thrill is a 1997 film directed by Peter Masterson. It stars Diane Keaton and Sam Shepard.[1]


In Lockhart, Texas, circa 1966, Reece McHenry, whose wife is in a coma, owns a clothing store. He hires widow Carol Fitzsimmons as a seamstress in the shop and they soon begin an affair.

Reece is unable to commit to the relationship due to the circumstances of his wife. His son, Tom, meantime, has taken up with Carol's daughter, Katherine, but Katherine has commitment issues similar to those of Tom's father.

Events transpire causing the two McHenry men to lose the women in their lives. Carol must move to Canada to be with an ill sister and cannot persuade Reece to come with her. Katherine's dream is to become an actress, and when she finally gets an opportunity, she leaves Tom to burn her oats. Thirty years later, when the Fitzsimmons women return, both men and women must cope with their lifelong regrets.



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