The Other (novel)

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The Other
The Other by Thomas Tryon First Ed.png
First edition cover
Author Thomas Tryon
Country United States
Language English
Genre Novel, psychological horror
Published May 1971 (Knopf)
Media type Print
Pages 272 pp.
ISBN 978-0394467443
Followed by Harvest Home (1973)

The Other is the 1971 debut novel by Thomas Tryon. Set in 1935, the novel focuses on the sadistic relationship between two thirteen-year-old identical twin boys, one who is well-behaved, and the other, a sociopath who wreaks havoc on his family's rural New England farm property.

Tryon, who had been a working actor prior, retired from his Hollywood career to become a novelist. Upon its release, the novel received wide critical acclaim,[1] and was adapted into a 1972 film of the same name directed by Robert Mulligan and starring Uta Hagen. The novel was reprinted in a commemorative edition in 2012 by New York Review Books with an afterword by Dan Chaon.[2]



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