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Coordinates: 40°43′41″N 73°59′37″W / 40.728104°N 73.993606°W / 40.728104; -73.993606

Other Music store in Manhattan

Other Music is a music retail store that sells CDs and records through their website as well as a brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan. It specializes in the sale of closely curated underground, rare and experimental music. The physical store is located at 11-13 East 4th Street, in Greenwich Village, in lower Manhattan, in New York City, New York, U.S.A.

In January 2007, Other Music announced that it plans to begin selling high-quality MP3 files for download without using any type of digital rights management.[1] This announcement follows similar moves made by other small online music retailers, including United Kingdom-based Rough Trade, New York-based Insound and New York-based Anthology Recordings. The announcement also coincided with the closing of Tower Records' Lower Manhattan location. According to Other Music co-owner Josh Madell, this closing signifies the growing hardship of selling music out of a physical store, especially considering his store's location just across the street from Tower.[2]

In May 2016, Other Music announced its plans to close on June 25.[3] Co-owner Josh Madell cited rising rents and the changing face of the music industry as the reasons for the closure.[4]

Writing about Other Music's closure for The New Yorker, Amanda Petrusich said, "In 1999, if you were the type of person who was looking for something a little different (more challenging, more sophisticated, more esoteric) from the schlock being peddled to the herds of dead-eyed automatons browsing the Tower Records up the block, then here was the store for you!"[5]


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