The Paterson Building

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The Paterson Building
The Paterson Building.jpg
General information
Address 653 S. Saginaw St.
Town or city Flint, MI 48502
Country United States
Coordinates 43°00′52″N 83°41′20″W / 43.0144°N 83.6889°W / 43.0144; -83.6889Coordinates: 43°00′52″N 83°41′20″W / 43.0144°N 83.6889°W / 43.0144; -83.6889
Landlord Thomas W. Collison & Co., Inc. Suite 307, 653 S. Saginaw St, Flint MI 48502
Exterior Art Deco Terracotta

The Paterson Building is a historic office building located at 653 S. Saginaw St and Third Street in downtown Flint, Michigan, USA. It was built by William A. Paterson of the Paterson Automotive Company during the birth of the auto industry. The Paterson building has been owned by the Collison Family for close to 30 years. It has three beautiful floors with a full garage in the basement level. It provides heated valet parking for its tenants. The building consists of mainly law and medical offices. There are also retail stores on the Third Street side. The building is rich in Art Deco, which has been maintained throughout the interior and exterior of the building.[citation needed] ]