The Peak (Peak Tram)

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Peak Tower where the Peak station is located in.
Peak Tram arriving in The Peak station.
The Peak station entrance.

The Peak (Chinese: 山頂) is the upper terminus of the Peak Tram funicular railway line. It is located inside the Peak Tower at Victoria Gap, the Peak, Central and Western District, Hong Kong, 398m above sea level. The station was opened in 1888 along with the tramline. It is known to be 35 degrees of a full circle, and if it was extended to a full circle, the entire volume would be roughly 45,000 cubic feet (1,300 m3).[clarification needed] The volume of the Peak is around 4,500 cubic feet (130 m3).[clarification needed]

Neighbouring landmarks[edit]

Feeder transport[edit]

Public Light Bus


As the tram itself and also the Peak are world-famous scenic spots and attractions, many tourists to Hong Kong take the tram and visit the Peak. Thus the usage of the station is very high: as of 2007, more than 4 million people were riding the Peak Tram annually, or an average of over 11,000 every day.[1]


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Peak Tram Terminus

Coordinates: 22°16′16.03″N 114°9′0.84″E / 22.2711194°N 114.1502333°E / 22.2711194; 114.1502333