The Peasall Sisters

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The Peasall Sisters
Genres Country music
Years active 2000–present
Labels Varèse Sarabande
Members Leah Peasall
Sarah Peasall
Hannah Peasall

The Peasall Sisters are a country harmony group formed by three of the six Peasall siblings. They are best known for their singing in the 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou?.


The six Peasall siblings were born and raised in White House, Tennessee. Group members include Sarah (alto voice, guitar), Hannah (soprano voice, mandolin), and Leah (tenor voice, violin).

Film participation[edit]

In the 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, they provided the singing voices for Ulysses Everett McGill's (George Clooney) daughters, the Wharvey Girls. They sang "In the Highways" and "Angel Band."[1]

The Peasall Sisters – Family Harmony DVD was released in 2006, and shows the sisters with their family and singing.[2]

For the soundtrack of the 2010 film True Grit, the sisters contribute their version of Mosie Lister's gospel song "Where No One Stands Alone."[3]


As part of the Down from the Mountain tour, the sisters performed at the Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. They have also appeared at the Grand Ole Opry.[4]


Their inclusion on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack album made the group at the time the youngest vocal group nominated for a contribution in a Grammy Award.[5]


The sisters have released two albums: in 2002, First Offering[4] and in 2005 Home to You, on which they are accompanied by artists such as Randy Scruggs, Larry Perkins, Jamie Hartford, and Leroy Troy.[6]


Solo albums
Music films
  • 2006: The Peasall Sisters: Family Harmony DVD (Franklin Films)
Film contributions
Song contributions


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