The Preytells

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The Preytells
Origin Perth, Western Australia
Genres Rock
Years active 2004–2009
Labels Independent/MGM Distribution
Associated acts Lash
Spencer Tracy
Website The Preytells official website
Members Simon Okely
Jessica Bennett
Jaclyn Pearson
Cameron Stewart

The Preytells were a four-piece indie rock band from Perth, Western Australia.


The Preytells rose to prominence as a result of their win at the 2005 Australian National Campus Band Competition.

The band released two EPs, the first Could I Change Your Mind in 2006, which was followed by Shout in 2008. Both EPs were independent releases distributed through MGM.

The band's latest EP, Sacramento was released in 2008, is distributed by The Preytells, and only available at It is said to be a murder ballad based on the story of Richard Chase, dubbed "The Vampire of Sacramento".

The band's debut album was scheduled to be released in September 2009.

Recent events of notable mention include:

  • WAM song of the Year Finalists (2008) [1]
  • Airplay on RTRFM, Radio West Networks and on National Youth Station Triple J
  • Playing at several festivals of note, including Southbound, RTRFM’s 'In The Pines Festival' and the YAC It Up Festival (2006).
  • Supporting Little Barrie (UK) and The Freestylers (UK)
  • Receiving Arts WA funding for a tour of Melbourne and Sydney (August 2008)
  • All recordings done at home in the Martyn Noakes Studio, produced, engineered and mixed by Audrey and Will.
  • Winning Triple J's Unearthed competition to play at the Southbound festival in Busselton, (2006).[3]


  • Simon Okely (aka Will Tell) — guitar, vocals
  • Jessica Bennett (aka Audrey Tell) — lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Jaclyn Pearson — drums, percussion
  • Cameron Stewart — bass, backing vocals



  • Flood Songs/June Songs
Flood Songs/June Songs is The Preytells' debut album. It is scheduled for release on 11 September 2009, distributed through MGM.
Track listing
  1. "Shout"
  2. "Nowhere to Run"
  3. "Just Now"
  4. "It Ain't Easy"
  5. "Lord Hold My Hand"
  6. "Holy Roman Empire"
  7. "Keep Running"
  8. "Sacramento"
  9. "Lies"
  10. "Sailing Houses"
  11. "I'm So Sorry"
  12. "On The Lawn And The Way You Made Me Feel"
  13. "Books"
  14. "Honey Take a Picture"
  • Sacramento
Sacramento is The Preytells' third EP. It was released in September 2008, with a limited pressing of 100 copies only.
Track listing
  1. "Sacramento"
  2. "Closed Lines"
  3. "On The Lawn And The Way You Made Me Feel"
  • Shout/I'm So Sorry
'Shout / I'm So Sorry' is the second EP from The Preytells. It was released on May 2008 through MGM.
Track listing
  1. "Shout"
  2. "I'm So Sorry"
  3. "Martyn's First Day In The Sun"
  4. "Tell Family Mix"

Shout was nominated for the 2008 WAM Song of the Year ("Pop" category).

  • Could I Change Your Mind
Could I Change Your Mind is the debut EP from The Preytells. It was released on 17 February 2007 through MGM Distribution.
Track listing
  1. "Intro"
  2. "Don't Leave Me Alone"
  3. "Could I Change Your Mind"
  4. "Tell Me Sister"
  5. "Heart Attack"



  • "Don't Leave Me Alone" (2006)
  • "Shout" (2008) - WAM Song of the Year Nomination (2008)
  • "I'm So Sorry" (2008)
  • "Sacramento" (2008)
  • "Lord Hold My Hand" (2009)


  • The Next Big Thing Compilation CD (2005) - "Dark Moon"
  • Kiss My WAMi Dual Disc Compilation (2006) - "Could I Change Your Mind"


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