The Punk Group

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The Punk Group
Also known as "Sex Object"and "The Model"
Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Years active 2002–Present
Labels Reload Records

The Punk Group is an electro/synth-rock band originating from Portland, Oregon. The group began in 2002 "as a joke"[1] and consists of two male members who dub themselves "The Model" and "Sex Object" after song titles by the German electronic band Kraftwerk. They record and release all their albums themselves.[1] Critics cite the band's 1980s musical influences, particularly Devo.[2]

The Punk Group frequently criticize pop culture and other artists in their songs and are known for their politically incorrect lyrics.[3] "We like to put people in their place and knock them down a few pegs, you know, make sure they don't get too big for their britches," said one member.[1] Their live shows consists of the two men (who sing and play guitar, bass or synthesizer), a drum machine and are known to wear assorted costumes.[4]

The Punk Group played their final Portland show at Dante's in May 2010 before relocating to San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively. They most recently appeared opening for DEVO in California in 2012 on numerous dates.


While the band rarely played outside of Portland, OR they did embark on a European tour in the summer of 2007 and Australia in 2008.


  • International Rock Stars, 2003
  • Tour De Force, 2004
  • Video Games, 2005
  • Rock Off and Fuck On, 2005
  • The Basement Tapes Vol. 1, 2006
  • The Basement Tapes Vol. 2, 2006
  • Make a Rainbow With Your Hands, 2007
  • Sex, Drum Machines & Rock 'n Roll, 2008
  • Self Titled, 2009
  • Difficult Listening, 2010
  • Pink Foam, 2010
  • Fruition, 2015


  • The Punk Group from Outer Space, 2007

Tribute Album[edit]

  • Shower Time! A tribute to The Punk Group, 2009
  • Over 20 bands (both Nationally and International) contributed interpretations of their favorite songs by The Punk Group, some were straight covers while others were more dramatic in execution.

This album is out of print and considered a rarity by collectors.

Equipment Used[edit]

  • Fender 4 string electric guitar
  • Fender bass guitar
  • Line 6 pods
  • RAT distortion pedal
  • Boss VT-1 vocal transformer
  • minimoog Voyager synthesizer
  • Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer
  • Nord G-2 synthesizer
  • Korg MS2000 synthesizer
  • Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer
  • Roland Juno 60 synthesizer
  • Roland U-20 keyboard
  • Omnichord
  • Boss DR-5 drum machine
  • Elektron Machinedrum drum machine
  • Allen & Heath ZED 428 mixing console
  • Shure SM-57 microphones
  • Behringer B-2 condenser microphone
  • DBX DDP rack mount digital dynamic processor
  • Lexicon rack mount effects processor
  • Pro Tools
  • Reason

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