The Radial Pair: Video Soundtrack

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The Radial Pair: Video Soundtrack
The Radial Pair soundtrack.jpg
Soundtrack album by Gary Numan
Released August 1994
Recorded Outland Studios, England
Length 27:47
Label Salvation
Gary Numan chronology
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(1992)Machine and Soul1992
The Radial Pair: Video Soundtrack
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The Radial Pair: Video Soundtrack is a soundtrack released by English musician Gary Numan. The album contains the music from the video The Radial Pair which features Numan and fellow stunt pilot Norman Lees performing aerobatics. Numan was to sign to another label around the time of this fan club only release, and they suggested adding vocals to these tracks and release it, to give Numan more time to record a more conventional studio album. Numan eventually decided against signing to the label, and some of the tracks were developed for what was to be his next studio album, Sacrifice.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Gary Numan.

  1. "Kiss Me and Die" – 5:49
  2. "Mission" – 3:02
  3. "Dark Rain" – 2:47
  4. "Cloud Dancing" – 3:48
  5. "Virus" – 3:04
  6. "Cold House" – 3:33
  7. "Red Sky" – 3:18
  8. "Machine Heart" – 2:26



  1. ^ Leavesden Aerodrome: From Halifaxes to Hogwarts - Page 1985 1445610345 Grant Peerless, Richard Riding - 2011 -For several years it was painted white and owned by rock musician Gary Numan, who flew it with another Harvard to form the Radial Pair aerobatic duo. It is currently owned by the Goodwood Aero Club.