The Rebel Gladiators

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The Rebel Gladiators
The Rebel Gladiators.jpg
Directed by Domenico Paolella
Produced by Splendor Film/ Ferdinando Felicioni
Written by Domenico Paolella
Sergio Sollima
Alessandro Ferrau
Starring Dan Vadis
Jose Greci
Alan Steel
Gloria Milland
Music by Carlo Savina
Cinematography Carlo Bellero
Distributed by Medallion; Palisades Intl.
Running time
98 minutes
Language Italian

The Rebel Gladiators (Italian: Ursus il gladiatore ribelle/ Ursus, the Rebel Gladiator) is a 1962 Italian peplum film directed by Domenico Paolella starring Dan Vadis, Josè Greci and Alan Steel.[1][2]


The newly crowned emperor Commodus kidnaps the beautiful Arminia, who happens to be betrothed to the mighty gladiator Ursus. Obsessed with a desire to physically best all other men, he uses the girl as a hostage to force Ursus to fight him in the arena, but when Ursus beats him up and actually forces the dictator to beg for his life, he accuses Ursus of being in league with a group of usurpers who oppose Commondus' tyrannical rule. Ursus finally leads a slave revolt that overthrows Commodus, who is killed in the uprising, and Ursus is reunited with Arminia.



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