Red Curtain Trilogy

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Red Curtain Trilogy
The Red Curtain Trilogy VideoCover.jpeg
Directed byBaz Luhrmann
Produced bySB:
Tristram Mall
Baz Luhrmann
Gabriella Martinelli
Martin Brown
Baz Luhrmann
Fred Baron
Martin Brown
Written byBaz Luhrmann
Craig Pearce
StarringPaul Mercurio
Tara Morice (SB)
Leonardo DiCaprio
Claire Danes (R+J)
Ewan McGregor
Nicole Kidman (MR)
Music byDavid Hirschfelder (SB)
Nellee Hooper (R+J)
Craig Armstrong (MR)
CinematographySteve Mason (SB)
Donald McAlpine
Edited byJill Bilcock
M&A Productions (SB)
Distributed byMiramax Films (SB)
20th Century Fox
Release date
Running time
441 minutes
United States
Budget$70 million
Box office$338,506,454

The Red Curtain Trilogy is the title given to the first three films directed by Baz Luhrmann:

These three films were included in the Red Curtain Trilogy DVD box set released in 2002.[1] The films do not form a trilogy in the traditional sense, as there is no relationship between the plot of each film. Instead, the Red Curtain Trilogy has been described by Luhrmann as following a specific filmmaking technique.[2] Each film contains a theatre motif that reappears throughout the film. Dance is used in the first film, poetry and language in the second and song in the third.


Box office performance[edit]

Film Australian release date Box office gross Budget Ref(s)
Australia Other territories Worldwide
Strictly Ballroom 20 August 1992 $11,738,022 N/A $11,738,022 $3 million [3]
Romeo + Juliet 26 December 1996 $46,351,345 $101,203,653 $147,554,998 $14.5 million [4]
Moulin Rouge! 24 May 2001 $57,386,607 $121,826,827 $179,213,434 $52.5 million [5]

Critical response[edit]

Film Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic CinemaScore
Strictly Ballroom 95% (39 reviews)[6] 72 (16 reviews)[7] N/A
Romeo + Juliet 72% (60 reviews)[8] 60 (20 reviews)[9] A-
Moulin Rouge! 76% (195 reviews)[10] 66 (35 reviews)[11] B+


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