The Rembrandt Affair

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The Rembrandt Affair
The Rembrandt Affair.jpg
The Rembrandt Affair
AuthorDaniel Silva
CountryUnited States
SeriesGabriel Allon series
GenreSpy fiction, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
PublisherG. P. Putnam's Sons (US)
Publication date
Media typePrint
ISBN9780399156588 (US)
Preceded byThe Defector 
Followed byPortrait of a Spy 

The Rembrandt Affair is a 2010 spy novel by Daniel Silva.[1] It is the tenth in the Gabriel Allon series, based in the world of Israeli intelligence.


Gabriel Allon and his team seek a lost Rembrandt whose previous owners have included both Holocaust victims and terrorists. In addition to regularly recurring characters, Julian Isherwood in his role as a gallery owner features prominently.


Part of the reason that Silva delved into the topic of art theft was the realization of the impact it has on the art world. Beginning with the role it played during and after the Holocaust,[2] art theft has continued into the present. Each year, between four and six billion dollars' worth of art and antiquities are stolen, ranking it as the fourth-most lucrative crime behind drug trafficking, arms dealing, and money laundering.[3] Silva touched on arms trafficking when dealing with the crimes of Ivan Kharkov in The Defector and Moscow Rules. Silva was also intrigued by the greed that drove people such as Bernie Madoff and he, and some other key figures in the Great Recession were the inspiration behind this book's villain, Martin Landesmann.[3]


Like others in Silva's Gabriel Allon series, this book was a New York Times bestseller.[4] The Rembrandt Affair marked Silva's last book with Putnam after he signed a deal with Harper Collins following Rembrandt's publication.[5]

International titles[edit]

Portuguese: O Caso Rembrandt. (The Rembrandt Affair). (2011). ISBN 9722523589[6]


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