The Mark of the Assassin

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The Mark of the Assassin
The Mark of the Assassin.jpg
The Mark of the Assassin
Author Daniel Silva
Country United States
Language English
Genre Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher Villard (US)
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 465
ISBN 0679455639 (US)
Preceded by The Unlikely Spy
Followed by The Marching Season

The Mark of the Assassin is a 1998 spy fiction novel by Daniel Silva.[1]


When a terrorist bomb blows Flight 002 out of the sky off the east coast, there is only one chilling clue. A body found near the crash site bears the deadly calling card of an elusive, lethal assassin-three bullets to the face. Michael Osbourne of the CIA knows the markings. Personally. Propelled by an obsession that threatens to consume his career, his family, his life, Osbourne in now hot on the assassin's trail. But in a world of shadows and lies, intrigue and cover-up, the man with a mission puts himself and his loved ones in the sights of the most ruthless, diabolical assassin on earth.

International titles[edit]

Portuguese: A Marca do Assassino. (The Mark of the Assassin). (2011). ISBN 9789722523219[2]


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