The Road Apples

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The Road Apples were an American pop rock group from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their lead singer/guitarist was David Finnerty. The other band members were Flip Morse (lead guitar and vocals), Bard Richmond (bass guitar and vocals), Jean-Do Sifantus (drums), and Chuck Eisenhardt (the original keyboard player, later replaced by Wally Baier). The group charted two singles on the Billboard Hot 100 in the mid-1970s. Their first single "Let's Live Together" rose to No. 35 on that chart. A follow-up release "Holding On" b/w "Good Lovin' Woman" also entered the Hot 100 and rose to No. 77. The Road Apples participated in the 'Partners of the Americas' program in 1976 and travelled to Colombia, in South America where they performed numerous free concerts for the people of Medellín and Cartegena.

The Road Apples lead singer and principal songwriter Finn Finnerty later formed 'The Joneses' and released a CD (Atlantic 1990) including a rock cover of "Let's Live Together".