The Rubber Stamp Film

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The Rubber Stamp Film
Directed byJoanna Priestley
Produced byJoanna Priestley
Music byR. Dennis Wiancko
Edited byJoanna Priestley
Priestley Motion Pictures
Distributed byMicrocinema International (2006)
Release date
Running time
7 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Rubber Stamp Film[1] is a 1983 [2] 7 minute 16mm short animated film by Joanna Priestley,[3] using rubber stamped images and drawings on paper. The film was directed, produced, and animated by Priestley[4] with sound designed and produced by R. Dennis Wiancko.


The Rubber Stamp Film was created on 5000 index cards that were purchased at the local grocery store in Sisters, Oregon, using rubber stamps, watercolors and felt pens. Found audio from wax cylinder recordings and an interview with Priestley's Grandmother, Eva Irene Kennedy, were used in the multi-layered soundtrack.


The film was re-released on DVD in 2006 by Microcinema International.[5] It was screened in a retrospective of Priestley's works in April 2009.[6]


“An imaginative, witty and energetic film. The images are all made from new and old rubber stamps which combine, entangle and collide at a rapid and joyous pace. A hundred little stories are told as the images zip by to a collaged sound-track of voices and musical fragments. Pure delight!” -Melinda Ward, Walker Art Center [7]


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