Dan Johnson (musician)

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Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson.jpg
Background information
Genres Christian rock, heavy metal, hard rock
Instruments Drums
Years active 1998-present
Associated acts Love and Death, Brian Welch, Red, The Sammus Theory, Back From Ashes, Mo Nasty, UO4

Dan Johnson is an American drummer for Korn guitarist Brian Welch[1] and Love and Death, is the touring percussionist for Red and was the drummer for rock metal band Back from Ashes[2] and hard rock band The Sammus Theory.[3]


Dan Johnson performing with Nate Gullickson of Throw Logic and Phoenix rock metal band Back From Ashes at Mayhem Festival 2011 in Arizona

UO4, Mo Nasty and The Sammus Theory[edit]

Having grown up in Pennsylvania,[4] Johnson played drums in the band UO4[5] throughout his high school career.[6] After starting his adulthood in Phoenix, his drumming career in Arizona began with local band Mo Nasty,[7] after which time he moved on to The Sammus Theory.[3][8]

Brian "Head" Welch[edit]

In 2009, Brian "Head" Welch, the former guitarist for Korn asked Johnson along with Michael Valentine (bass), Scott Von Heldt (guitar), Ralph Patlan (guitar), and Brian Ruedy(keyboards, programming) to join his up-and-coming musical ensemble.[9]

Back from Ashes[edit]

In 2011, following Pete Hawley's departure from Back from Ashes, the band recruited Johnson to play for the ensemble.[2][10] In February 2012, Back from Ashes hired Bobby Anderson to play percussion on a long-term basis for the band.[11]

Love and Death[edit]

In 2012, it was revealed that Johnson had formed the band Love and Death with Welch and Valentine.[12]


Dan Johnson performing with American rock band Red

In 2014, Joe Rickard, the drummer for the Christian metal band Red,[13][14] left the group, to join Manafest as a touring drummer[15] so Johnson filled in for him on tours[16][17][18] and performed percussion on Of Beauty and Rage, the fifth studio album from the ensemble.[19][20]

Seasons After[edit]

In late 2015, Johnson performed in multiple shows with American rock band Seasons After.[21]


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