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The Second Supper is a web site and newspaper published in La Crosse, Wisconsin.[1] The newspaper is published weekly from its headquarters in Downtown La Crosse.

Originally created as a satirical newspaper, The Second Supper has since 2007 become more focused on local interest stories. Weekly issues include music, new films, cult classics, and book reviews, as well as Q&A's with established and up and coming musicians such as Hanson,[2] Wes Borland,[3] Killdozer,[4] Julien-K,[5] and Freezepop.[6] Local interest stories and editorial columns take up the main share of content, often sticking to a universal theme for the week's issue.

The Second Supper has had its share of controversy. In 2006, the paper published a satirical piece about former United States Vice President Dick Cheney.[7][8] For the 2007 Oktoberfest issue, the paper's cover featured a gloved hand emerging from water,[9] in reference to La Crosse's history of river drownings.[10]


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