The Secret Life of Nora

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The Secret Life of Nora
Music Weng Onn San
Lyrics Jerome Kugan with Alfian Sa’at (Bahasa Malaysia lyrics)
Book Raymond Miranda
Basis 1965 film by Low Wai
Nora Zain - Agen Wanita 001
Productions 2011 Kuala Lumpur
Awards None

The Secret Life of Nora is a Malaysian musical.[1] The booklet was written by Raymond Miranda,[2] the music was composed by Weng Onn San[2] and the lyrics were written by Jerome Kugan[2] with Alfian Sa’at (for the Bahasa Malaysia text).[3] The first stage performance was directed by Steven Dexter and premiered at the Istana Budaya on September, 29th 2011.[2]

Set in a whimsical version of Penang, The Secret Life of Nora stars Tiara Jacquelina in the titular role as a beautiful, rich, spoiled cabaret owner and singer. Nora has a brush of trouble with Interpol after the death of her father reveals the cabaret to be a front for his illegal international business activities. Stuck in a tight spot, Nora accepts a proposition from Interpol to masquerade as a spy and infiltrate one of the biggest human trafficking rings in the world in exchange for her freedom and to save her beloved cabaret.


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