The Serpent & the Sphere

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The Serpent & the Sphere
Agalloch Serpent Sphere.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 13, 2014
StudioCloud City Sound, Portland, Oregon
Everything Hz, Portland, Oregon
GenreBlack metal, doom metal, folk metal
LabelProfound Lore
Agalloch chronology
Faustian Echoes
The Serpent & the Sphere
""Alpha Serpentis (Unukalhai)" single

The Serpent & the Sphere is the fifth and final studio album by American heavy metal band Agalloch. It was released on May 13, 2014 in the U.S., followed by releases on May 16 in Germany and May 19 in Europe.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]


1."Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation"10:28
2."(serpens caput)"3:06
3."The Astral Dialogue"5:11
4."Dark Matter Gods"8:36
5."Celestial Effigy"6:59
6."Cor Serpentis (the sphere)"2:58
7."Vales Beyond Dimension"6:48
8."Plateau of the Ages"12:26
9."(serpens cauda)"3:12
Total length:59:46


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
The Austin Chronicle4/5 stars[6]
Metal Hammer6/7[8]
Metal Storm8,3/10[9]
Slant Magazine4/5 stars[11]

The album received mostly positive reviews. Michael Toland of The Austin Chronicle described the album as "one boot in balmy progressive folk and the other in frigid black metal" with "some of its prettiest, most haunted acoustic textures and heaviest, raspiest roars". Kim Kelly of Spin stated that the band's "blackened sound" is "more pronounced than ever" while describing the production as "impeccable: Agalloch have never sounded so rich, so full".


  • John Haughm – guitars, acoustic guitar, vocals, whisper, percussion
  • Don Anderson – guitars, piano, keyboards
  • Jason William Walton – bass
  • Aesop Dekker – drums
Guest musicians
  • Nathanaël Larochette (Musk Ox) – acoustic guitars


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