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The Shadow Bureau is a musical collaboration between Nitzer Ebb’s Bon Harris [1] and Jeehun Hwang, an award-winning [2] songwriter and video game, film, and TV composer. The duo is the main force behind the group with a rotating cast of guest collaborators to serve the project as needed by Harris and Hwang. In January 2011, Harris and Hwang were recruited by independent film company Indomina Media [3] to create a demo reel for several of the company's indie films. They were asked to create non-traditional soundtracks and this collaboration gave birth to The Shadow Bureau.

Single Releases[edit]

The duo's first scored song, "Axis Of Envy" was for the martial arts film True Legend and featured the vocals of West End Girls singer Isabelle Erkendal and lyrics and vocals by Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flür.[1] The movie was released in the U.S. on May 13, 2011.[4]

The Shadow Bureau's second release will be tied to Indomina's release of the Australian film Griff The Invisible in August 2011.[citation needed] Griff stars True Blood's Ryan Kwanten as the movie's lead actor.[5] The Shadow Bureau's song, "Don't Give Yourself Away," will be a part of the movie's soundtrack and features Curt Smith from the band Tears for Fears, and Linda Strawberry on vocals.[citation needed]

Guest Collaborators[edit]

Adding to The Shadow Bureau’s mystique, Harris and Hwang act as the music’s curators as a revolving door of guest collaborators add their individual stamp to each composition. As a result, each composition evolves into its own unique creation while building a list of rumored collaborators.

Confirmed Collaborations[edit]

Rumored Collaborations[edit]


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