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The Signals Network

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The Signals Network
TypeNon-profit organization
HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA
Key people
  • Delphine Halgand-Mishra (Executive Director)
  • Rebecca Petras
  • (Director of Operations)
  • Jennifer Gibson
  • (Legal Director)
  • Gilles Raymond
  • (Founder)

The Signals Network (TSN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports whistleblowers who have shared public interest information with the public. It is one of a group of whistleblower organizations attached to the United States Congress.[1] TSN has also helped coordinate international media investigations that speak out against corporate misconduct and human rights abuses.[1] The Signals Network is an associate partner of Whistleblowing International Network.[2]

TSN was founded by Gilles Raymond, a French entrepreneur and philanthropist who serves as the organization's founding chairman.[3][4] TSN’s Executive Director is Delphine Halgand-Mishra.[5][6] TSN’s Whistleblower Protection Program helps whistleblowers deal with the legal, physical, psychological and economic consequences of speaking out.[7]

Activities (cases)[edit]

Government Accountability Project joined The Signals Network as co-counsel for Anika Navaroli for testifying on February 8, 2023, to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability during a hearing titled "Protecting Speech from Government Interference and Social Media Bias, Part 1: Twitter’s Role in Suppressing the Biden Laptop Story."[9]

  • Since July 2022, The Signals Network has represented Mark MacGann,[10] the whistleblower behind the Uber files case.[11]

In October 2022, MacGann testified before the European Parliament’s Employment Committee about the Uber Files and the impact of the gig economy on worker’s rights. Prior to the hearing, the Signals Network sent a letter to the Chair of the committee, objecting to the proposed setup for the hearing, which would have seen MacGann and a representative of Uber representatives sharing the same panel. The letter set out The Signals Network’s concerns about the failure of the Committee to follow the recently passed European Directive on Whistleblowing and to take into account the impact of the proposed format on MacGann. In response to the letter, the European Commission altered the format for MacGann’s testimony.[12] [13]

  • The Signals Network has provided whistleblower protection including legal and psychological services to Daniel Motaung, a former Facebook content moderator who came forward to TIME sharing his story of trauma, poverty wages and alleged union busting inside a Facebook content moderation center in Kenya. Time magazine reporter Billy Perrigo wrote the February 2022 front-cover story based on Motaung’s testimony titled “Inside Facebook’s African Sweatshop.”[14]
  • The Signals Network coordinated the international media consortium that reported EdTech Exposed, an independent collaborative investigation that had early access to Human Rights Watch’s report, data, and technical evidence on alleged violations of children’s rights by governments that endorsed education technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic. The consortium provided weeks of independent reporting by more than 25 investigative journalists on six continents and seven languages. The potential reach for the EdTech Exposed story is more than 185 million readers in seven languages.[15][16]
  • The Signals Network coordinated the logistics of the media partners’ collaboration on publishing an investigation into the working conditions at the Chinese technology company Huawei. The controversial telecoms giant, which has been classed as a national security threat by the US government, stated in its HR handbook that Chinese employees who have married Europeans or applied for citizenship must leave Europe “as soon as possible”, or be sacked from the company altogether.[17]


TSN has received grants from the Shuttleworth Foundation[18] and the Knight Foundation.[19]


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